Mitsubishi Electric

The Mitsubishi Electric Group promotes research and development in line with its two growth strategies. Under the "VI Strategy," the Mitsubishi Electric Group aims to bolster the growth potential of individual businesses and to further distinguish its strengths in the competitive businesses of elevators and escalators, factory automation equipment, automotive electric and electronic components, satellites and others. Under the "AD Strategy," the Mitsubishi Electric Group aims to create solutions businesses, such as environmental/energy-saving solutions and total security solutions, combining a variety of technologies related to several business fields.





Aero Micro Controls
Aero Compact PLC
Aero Process Control
Aero Remote I/O
Aero HMI
Aero Industrial Modems
Aero Networks
Aero Inverters/AC Drives
Aero Servo Motors
Aero Robots
Industrial Panels
Industrial Automation Training
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