Control Techniques

Control Techniques is a world leader in the design, production and marketing of electronic drives for the control of electric motors. Our strategy is to concentrate on delivering drives and servo  products that enhance the productivity of our customers machines and processes. From simple  stand alone drives to complex multidrive applications, our strategy is focussed on delivering  solutions at the process or machine level that really make a difference to our customers.

Operating through a global network of Drive and Application centres that both distribute product and add value by building our drive products into custom designed systems and by offering the highest levels of customer service



Our Products
Aero LT Panels  
Aero AMF Panels
Aero Feeder Pillers
Aero Distribution Board
Aero Synchronizing Panels
Aero Meter Panels  
Aero AC-DC Drive Panels  
Aero Temperature Control Panels
Industrial Panels
Industrial Automation Training
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